Katholische Bonifatiusschule
Katholische Bonifatiusschule

Easter poems 7b


Die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 7b haben einige Easter peams im Rahmen des Englisch-Unterrichtes in der Corona-Zeit geschrieben. Viel Spaß!

Easter poems 7b

Bogdan Braun
E-very year we are celebrating Easter
A-nd the kids are painting eggs
S-weets in lovely baskets
T-his beautiful day is called
E-aster, and the kids are eating cocoa

Leandra Stolp
E-aster bunny is hopping
A-t every garden he puts an egg
S-ure also to you
T-ake part in this Easterrun
E-at eggs as many as you can
R- un easterbunny, let it run, he will come back next year

Sarah Dornecker
E-aster bunnies are very busy
A-ll bunnies work hard for this day
S-weet children are happy about their Easter present
T-he whole family is happy
E-veryone is not alone
R-ing the bell in church, now it’s Easter time

Shanice Skoczypiec

E-aster duck and Easter chick
A-ll of them are excited
S-ometimes the parents are excited too
T-he family is very happy on Easter days
E-aster bunnies bring chocolate eggs to all children
R-emember remember it’s almost time